September 27, 2018 | Article

As more millennials begin investing larger amounts of their wealth, they’ll need financial advisors to help guide them along the way. An added benefit to building up the relationship from the start is client loyalty. So, not only will financial advisors have the opportunity to get ahead with the younger generation, they’ll also build a stronger basis for more secure future client relationships. As advisors begin to work with the younger generation of clients, a few important areas of focus include:

Something that should be emphasized to young investors is the importance of understanding what they’re investing their money in. When presenting new investment opportunities to clients – especially younger ones who may not have that same understanding that seasoned investors may have – it is crucial for advisors to take the time to let clients ask the questions to better understand how their money will be invested.

Both short- and long- term strategies play an important role in investing. When financial advisors help younger clients think through and plan for goals they can achieve in the long run, it helps them make more educated investing decisions. Additional benefits to this are that after they receive this guidance, they also learn about the importance of asset allocation, and they learn to avoid overreacting during periods of market decline and growth. In doing so, advisors are able to help younger investors create a more objective plan for the short- and long- term.

With that in mind, how can you tailor your advice and services to better help the younger generation of investors?

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