July 30, 2019 | Article

In the age of technology, social media is an extremely valuable yet underutilized tool to help financial advisors grow their practices. Whether it’s growing through organic referrals, marketing to a particular audience, or optimizing your search engine visibility, social media is a tool that you can use to your advantage.

Word of mouth has traditionally been a successful way to seek out new clients and expand your practice. With the boom of social media you now have a tool that can serve to create a dynamic referral network in which you can interact with potential clients. As your clients interact with the content that you post their connections will see that content. If their connections then choose to interact with your posts, it creates a snowball effect creating more and more exposure to potential clients.

On LinkedIn and other social media platforms, you are able to pay for sponsored content. With this paid social media advertising, you can target a specific audience by putting in criteria for your “ideal client.” As a benefit running these sponsored content campaigns will allow you to track the performance of your efforts, thus allowing you to tweak your message, if necessary, to get closer to that “ideal client”.

Using search engine optimization can also be helpful in driving traffic to your website and/or social media platforms. Recent search engine algorithms show that the more relevant the content available based on the search term, the higher ranked the page. So, for firms with a relevant website and social media presence, they would have a higher priority than one that lacks such a presence. You can utilize tools such as Google AdWords to help drive more traffic to your website, increasing the likelihood of prospective clients learning about you and your practice.

With the various tactics you can utilize over social media, which tool will you implement to help grow your business?

RoboWholesaler is a technology that was created to help financial advisors looking for ways to save time and enhance their productivity. With their time spent more efficiently, they’re able to focus on developing the interpersonal component of their client relationships and grow their businesses. The RoboWholesaler app is now available for free in the App Store and Google Play. It offers you a fast, easy way to review fund performance rankings, and get up-to-date fund fact sheets for top-performing funds and at-a-glance summaries of key fund information.


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