January 9, 2018 | Newsletter

Browse the bestsellers’ lists or featured racks at any bookstore right now and you’ll likely see a book or two with the word “Lagom” on the cover. Lagom is Swedish for “just the right amount.”

In a nutshell: the Swedish believe people are happier and more productive if they achieve Lagom balance (not too much, not too little) in most aspects of their lives. Lagom applies to everything from your wardrobe to your diet to your social commitments – it quite literally can apply to anything. And studies have proven that Lagom works. The more organized and balanced your life, the happier and more productive you will be.

RoboWholesaler.com was created by an asset-management industry veteran who instinctively knew that Lagom was needed in the asset-management information space. The site is just what the spirit of Lagom advocates: organized and balanced, not too much and not too little.

While financial professionals routinely find themselves frustrated and spending too much time navigating the Internet for timely fund performance information, RoboWholesaler strips the unnecessary elements that most aggregators use to organize their site content. This allows users to quickly and easily (in a few short clicks) find exactly what they’re looking for: key fund performance data. And only fund performance data! No analyst weightings, no marketing spin – just raw performance and fund fact sheets.

Check it out for yourself at robowholesaler.com. Hopefully the RoboWholesaler Lagom can help ease your online-surfing frustrations!


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