RoboWholesaler Featured in ThinkAdvisor

March 6, 2018 | Article

RoboWholesaler, the one-stop shop for finding and printing fund fact sheets, was featured in ThinkAdvisor! ThinkAdvisor, a major publisher in the financial services industry with millions of monthly readers, featured RoboWholesaler as a way for financial advisors to save time and simplify their hunt for information on mutual funds.

Advisors and their staff spend hours of precious time searching for mutual fund fact sheets from different fund companies. Until now, there wasn’t a single resource that effectively organized the information. Laurie Marchel, a financial services veteran with 25 years experience, created the website to help brokers and advisors save time.

RoboWholesaler was created to provide a free, easy-to-access platform to find and print fund sheets quickly. According to ThinkAdvisor, RoboWholesaler “strips away all the marketing clutter and simply aggregates fund fact sheets and wholesaler information for the 10 top-performing equity and fixed income mutual funds in dozens of categories, ranked by performance and updated in real time.”

The site is easily searchable in just a few clicks and allows users to search by fund category, fund name, or performance. You can try RoboWholesaler for free now and read the ThinkAdvisor article here.


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