October 25, 2018 | Article

Developing a positive company culture has benefits beyond those that are simply internal. A positive work environment creates an atmosphere where your employees enjoy working – and more often than not, clients take notice.

If an employee is unhappy on the job, their negativity can impact client interactions. On the other hand, if an employee is working in a positive atmosphere, it too will influence interactions with clients – but likely in a helpful way.

Here are a few tips to create a positive work environment that can be easily incorporated:

  1. Provide positive reinforcement
    Saying something like, “I’m impressed with the great meeting you had with your client” or “I admire the way you take the time to answer any questions your clients have” can encourage such work habits to continue.
  2. Celebrate wins
    When your colleague or employee – or even your boss – is able to increase a client’s investments or have some sort of other “win,” be sure to take the time to celebrate success with them.
  3. Encourage positive thinking
    If there’s a whiteboard or high-trafficked area of the office, posting a motivational quote of the day or week is a great way to encourage positive thinking and motivation.
  4. Motivate others
    Encourage your colleagues to set team goals where everyone is able to contribute and see the fruits of their labor.

The implementation of small measures similar to the ones listed above can have a big impact on boosting morale in your workplace. With higher morale, positive mental attitudes will be reflected in client service. Client experiences that go above and beyond increase the likelihood of client retention, as well as appreciation of the relationship they have with your firm.

What will you do to foster a positive work environment for yourself and your employees?

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