June 12, 2018 | Newsletter

Based on our experience working with a wide range of Financial Advisors in RoboWholesaler’s network, we have noticed a growing trend of Advisors utilizing a multigenerational financial planning approach with their clients. This allows them to build relationships with clients’ families and help younger family members understand the challenges of investment planning and properly managing wealth.

Wealth-transition experts’ studies have shown 70% of families lose control of assets as well as experience loss of family harmony following the transition of an estate to the next generation.1 A multigenerational financial planning model allows Advisors to provide the clarity and guidance necessary to plan for the responsible stewardship of wealth from generation to generation.

A common first step is organizing a family meeting and starting a conversation that allows clients to discuss insights and information they are ready to share with adult children about their estate plan. This process often continues with a series of family meetings that lay the groundwork for making the future transfer of assets as seamless and secure as possible.

Clients have the opportunity to share their wishes and desires with family and heirs as well as educate them about their investment strategy and goals. By inviting family members and heirs into the process, all parties involved are in a better position to make informed financial decisions and fulfill the plans that have been put in place.

In addition, family members and relatives of clients often offer a great opportunity to grow an Advisor’s practice. They likely have desired asset levels and want many of the same client services you offer.

RoboWholesaler.com was specifically developed to help busy Financial Advisors looking for ways to save time and enhance their productivity so they can start building strong relationships with client families and grow their practices. Now is the time to take the first step to learn more about the advantages we offer your practice and ensure the well-being of future generations of clients. Contact us today to learn more.

1Institute for Preparing Heirs


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