August 16, 2018 | Newsletter

A sizable financial “windfall” has the potential to make a meaningful difference in a client’s financial situation. This might include an inheritance, insurance settlement or signing a lucrative new job contract as the result of many years of discipline and hard work. The temptation to spend a big chunk of this new-found wealth quickly is very powerful.

Experienced Financial Advisors understand the importance of keeping emotions in check and addressing how the financial windfall may impact the client’s financial plan, tax situation and life goals. This offers the opportunity to further strengthen your client relationship and maximize the money for long-term financial security.

Key considerations include:

● Updating an existing financial plan, aligning the funds with financial goals and diversifying the overall portfolio to mitigate risk
● Funding an emergency account if there are currently limited cash reserves
● Paying down high-interest debt
● Developing a strategy to lower tax implications
● Increasing property, casualty and liability insurance coverage to protect new wealth

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