December 13, 2018 | Article

Wealth and wellness have a way of going hand-in-hand. However, as of recently, wellness has become more of a luxury. Joselyn Hall, Co-Founder of TrueSquid, LLC, explains how the two have become closely intertwined.

In working with her clients, Joselyn has noticed that each person has an individual definition of wellness, while everyone thinks of wealth as having money to spare. She shares that wealth is a healthy balance across the eight dimensions of wellness: energy/exercise, nutrition, general health, professional development, financial fitness, emotional health, spiritual health, and social health/relationships.

When asked the question, “How did wellness become the new luxury?” Joselyn explains how she came to that conclusion in her experience working with recent retirees. These retirees had spent a lifetime building nest eggs only to discover that the things they needed in retirement were the relationships and healthy habits they neglected while pursuing monetary goals. “For them, wealth wasn’t about the quality of life,” Joselyn says. “It was about the quality of the trappings of life.” She noted that our society points us toward a single definition of wealth, rather than multiple ones. It’s a whole lot easier to measure assets in a portfolio or money in the bank, as opposed to wellness. In retrospect, the clients she worked with saw the value in wellness and she noted that it’s not too late to shift some focus onto investing in each individual’s wellness.

Wellness has become a new luxury over time – one that isn’t about a new car or expensive vacation. Being able to take the individual journey to find balance across all eight dimensions of wellness only adds to one’s monetary wealth. If you’re interested in learning more about wealth and wellness, contact Joselyn by giving her a call at 866.878.3773 or by going to TrueSquid, LLC’s website:

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