How Top Advisors Are Saving Time Searching for the Right Fund Information

April 4, 2018 | Article

How much time do you spend each week looking up fund information? In the past month, how many fund fact sheets did you access online, and how many websites did you have to go through to find them?

A Better Way

If you’re still searching the interweb for individual fact sheets, what I am about to tell you is going to enhance your productivity in a way you never imagined. You’re about to discover what many top advisors already have- there is a better way. There is a more efficient and effective way to find top performing fund information.

Robowholesaler makes it possible to find information on the top performing funds without wasting hours digging through information online. It both simplifies the task of searching for top performing funds and provides easy access to marketing materials.

Convenient And Easy To Use

There are other websites that provide fund information, but they require setting parameters in order to get the top-performing funds. Robowholesaler simply lists them all for you.

With those other websites, you have to wade through banner after banner of paid mutual fund advertisements and sort through their own individual rankings, ratings, and opinions. With Robowholesaler, you don’t have mountains of biased information presented to you. You simply get fund fact sheets on the top performing funds on the site.

Start Saving Time Today

Don’t waste any more time on the arduous task of seeking out fund fact sheets on individual websites. Find them all on one clutter-free platform with Robowholesaler. Each fund is listed based only on past performance, without advertisements and opinions.

Robowholesaler is by far the easiest, and perhaps the only, way to find the top ten funds based on performance. Once you have your list of top-performing funds, just one more click will get you the fund fact sheet for any one of them.

Does this sound too good to be true? It isn’t! See for yourself and try Robowholesaler for free today!


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