April 24, 2019 | Article

What differentiates you and your business from others is your unique story. For some clients and prospects, that could be the differentiator as to why they’ll choose to do business with you. Essentially, it’s an added value proposition for them when leveraged properly. It can also deepen the relationship you have, creating loyalty with your clients. You may ask, “Where should I start?” Here are a few questions you can ask yourself in help answer that question.

1. Why did you get into this business? Why do you like what you do for a living?
Sharing the story of how you became passionate about your career – or where you get your inspiration from – is the first part of your story. It creates the beginning of your story and details how you found your way into the industry and determined your career path.

2. What services do you offer that the reader should consider in order to better understand what you could for for them?
This is a key part of your value proposition. Client and prospects have to understand what services you’re offering and are capable of providing. That way, they won’t be seeking services that you aren’t able to offer.

3. What are your hobbies and what charitable causes do you support?
This can help tell the story of where your priorities lie outside of the office, and it adds to the relationship that you build with your clients. Being able to find similarities and hold conversations about things other than your working relationship can develop a stronger client-advisor bond, creating stronger loyalty.

4. What personal bio information can you share? Married? Kids? Pets Hometown?
Like the question about your hobbies and the charitable causes you support, sharing additional personal bio information adds to your story as well. Having that balance between a professional relationship while still being approachable personally is important and can be key in creating and maintaining a strong relationship.

5. What is your call-to-action?
A call-to-action will allow your clients and prospects to know what their next steps should be. You can ask yourself, “What do I want them to do now?” to create the call-to-action.

Each of the questions above can be conveyed through one of the many marketing touchpoints you have with your clients. Whether you choose to share your story via 1:1 conversations, LinkedIn, on your website, in a video, or in marketing materials, they all help tell your story and deepen the relationship you have with your clients and prospects. How will you leverage these marketing tips?

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