July 12, 2018 | Article

After conversing with several Financial Advisors within our RoboWholesaler network, we’ve found that one of the main reasons clients look for an advisor is because they’re experiencing a major life event. However, they’ve also noted that not all advisors are trained to help with this transition. Clients have shared that though financial advisors may be financially literate, they may not have the same transition literacy.

Although finances are a part of a potential client or client’s transition period, there are a few things that some advisors fail to keep in mind. Transitions occur in stages – it’s a person’s journey from what was to what will be. The stages of transition go from anticipation, ending, passage, and the new normal – each complete with their distinct markers and challenges. Being able to identify where a client stands in this transition period can better help you tailor your services to their needs and the way in which you deliver those services to them.

It’s also good for advisors to keep in mind that transition doesn’t happen overnight – it can take several years for a transition to be complete. They should also keep in mind that those who are going through transitions may need someone to help them make good decisions for them and their future. It’s a time of uncertainty for these individual. By being there and supporting them through these transition periods will create a stronger bond between you and your client, as well as their families.

As a Financial Advisor, when you’re able to help your client or a prospect through a transition period, it’ll only strengthen the relationship you have with them. By helping them make good decisions for their finances while being emotionally aware of what they’re going through, your actions will resonate with them. They’ll be more likely to stick with you and your practice, creating a lasting relationship. We’ll leave you with this: what are you doing to help your clients who are going through major life-changing events?

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