August 28, 2019 | Article

Incorporating “hygge” into lives has made its way over to America from its Danish origins. Hygge life defines the Danish concept as a way of helping “people live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives” by finding joy in everyday moments.

The emphasis put on this concept is being able to create hygge in small moments each day. For each individual, this practice could differ. Maybe you find more happiness by enjoying an extra cup of coffee in the morning, or maybe you’d rather take the time to walk around in the green space next to your office. At RoboWholesaler, we understand the importance of incorporating hygge into everyday life. That’s why our site – created by an asset-management industry veteran who’s always understood the importance of lagom and hygge – was designed to allow advisors to free-up their time in order to create hygge moments and bring joyful moments to each day.

While financial professionals routinely find themselves frustrated and spending too much time navigating the Internet for timely fund performance information, RoboWholesaler strips away the unnecessary elements that most aggregators use to organize their site content. This allows users to quickly and easily (in a few short clicks) find exactly what they’re looking for: key fund performance data. And only fund performance data! No analyst weightings, no marketing spin – just raw performance and fund fact sheets.

RoboWholesaler is a technology that was created to help financial advisors looking for ways to save time and enhance their productivity. With their time spent more efficiently, they’re able to focus on developing the interpersonal component of their client relationships and grow their businesses. The RoboWholesaler app is now available for free in the App Store and Google Play. It offers you a fast, easy way to review fund performance rankings, and get up-to-date fund fact sheets for top-performing funds and at-a-glance summaries of key fund information.


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