offers you a fast, easy way to review fund performance rankings and receive up-to-date fund fact sheets for top-performing funds that offer an at-a-glance summary of the fund information you want.

RoboWholesaler is a one-of-a-kind, breakthrough platform for tracking Class A, Class I or Class N fund shares, excluding sales charges and/or other fees/expenses excluding sales charges by investing category, sector and annualized returns. We rigorously research third-party performance data to objectively select all funds ranked and featured on the site. With just a few simple clicks, you get the convenience of quickly accessing fact sheets for the funds you select.



Discover the Advantages of RoboWholesaler

  • Robust, user-friendly, leading mutual fund screening tool that allows you to research and review leading funds by category, targeted sectors and up-to-date one-, three-, five- and 10-year performance ratings.
  • Funds selected quarterly based on fund performance. Profiles include instant-access, downloadable fund fact sheets.
  • No fee, user IDs, or login credentials required.
  • Ability to connect with top-ranked mutual fund wholesalers based on your preferred method of contact.
  • Access to high-impact marketing solutions to help you grow your practice.

Let RoboWholesaler start working for you and experience the one-stop way to get the top-ranking mutual fund information you want.

About the Founder

Laurie is a financial services industry veteran, published author, and keynote speaker who has spent over 30 years innovating and creating opportunities for women in wealth management. She has a two-fold mission to (1) champion technology and practice management solutions to better support financial advisors, and (2) to provide thought leadership and tangible opportunities for women in wealth management.

During her career, Laurie has spent time with many different financial advisors and investment companies. She has served on the broker-dealer side with A.G. Edwards and Edward Jones and on the asset management side with Russell Investments, BNY Mellon/Dreyfus, and Invesco. Laurie’s career has always involved extensive travel, which has helped her readily embrace technology to work more efficiently. She has also seen firsthand how companies with equal representation better perform.

Thus, Laurie’s two-fold mission was born, and she left corporate America so she would be free to create, innovate, and drive change across the industry. While advisors today are benefiting from some innovations in the technology space, there are still gaps that prevent them from serving clients in the most efficient, time sensitive way possible. Laurie has founded technology companies and partnered with others to push innovation across the industry.

Further, Laurie is an outspoken thought leader and champion for women in wealth management, having launched development programs and solutions and wrote a widely publicized book in addition to several articles that help women connect, grow, and support one another.

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